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The Best way to Buy Gold

Who We Are

The creator of the Gold Buying Course, Lior Jacob, has been in the Jewelry manufacturing business for the last 25 years. He started buying gold six years ago and now does consult for an array of businesses, such as Pawn Shops and Check Cashing stores.
We have developed a learning and training system that teaches everything to know about the purchasing of precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum, which consists of a series of how-to videos and Booklets which explain in detail the processes, business, permitting, and more.

Areas Of Expertise

Learn how to buy gold at a discount. Our main business is jewelry manufacturing which includes knowledge of buying and selling precious metals, including platinum, gold, silver, and palladium. PlatMx, a 60-year-old, high-end jewelry manufacturing company, is an avant-garde facility where some of the most elaborate pieces, mainly jewels, have been created from A to Z.

We have experience purchasing precious metals from mines, refiners, states, estates, auctions, and individuals. In every form possible; coins, bars, melt-ready stage, alloy-ready, new pieces, pre-owned pieces, and gold scraps.

We do consulting work for Corporations and Small Businesses, starting by training the staff at different corporate levels. We start by providing our manuals and videos to the corporate files. We find out the company’s costs, break-even, and profit points, and from there, we establish how much to pay for gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds.

Once the price and percentage are established, we then train the companies’ employees who are going to be testing and doing the transactions how to test for gold, how to way correctly, and where to find the price for the specific precious metal and the proper gold karat, silver percentage, and platinum percentage.

We have also customized the same training course for small businesses and independent gold buyers at a very affordable cost.

How It Works

Once you purchase any of our online courses, you get instant silver membership, which you can upgrade later.

Choose the Course Program that best accommodates you.
Learning materials are downloaded into your electronic device.
When you sign up for the Complete Program, you will receive the Gold-buyer’s Binder, containing all printed materials and a copy of the DVD containing all 7 modules. (We can only ship to certain countries; USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, Israel, Australia, New Zeeland, Japan, and South Korea.)
Contact us within 120 days of purchase if you need a certificate, and we will test you via Skype. You will have unlimited chances to pass the test until you pass our exam. (At this time, we suggest upgrading to a Gold or Platinum membership. Otherwise, the certificate will have an additional cost)
With Gold and Platinum memberships, your Instructor is available by email or phone to answer questions and provide support.


Our gold buying training course is a 100% digital online course that you can access anytime, from any device. If you’d like a preview of the course, click here.