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The Gold Buying Training Local Seminars

study-learn-buy-appraise-gold-acid-test-silverYou may want to attend an actual, on-site seminar or perhaps you have experience and want to fine-tune your skills, either way, the local Seminars provide the opportunity for you to participate, practice and perform. You can take a private lesson or participate in one of our scheduled Gold Buying Courses. You will also receive all printed materials and DVDs with enrollment.

We provide a 2 to 3 day seminar, depending on class sizes. This seminar includes physical interaction with a trained and qualified member of our team, with presentations, projected images and videos, a full testing kit, property of the Gold Buying Course, with the option of purchasing it.

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The local seminars provide the perfect balance between lecture and hands-on training in an interactive space and a training environment. Students learn with their own provided or purchased equipment as well as through presentations and lessons lead by the Gold Buying Course qualified Instructor. The students practice; sorting and separating different types of metals, from precious to non-precious, identify karat stamps in gold and follow the Course’s five step system to test and calculate for gold.


The local seminars are where you learn the most since physical examples are brought to the training course. Different fraudulent pieces, difficult to figure out, examples which can be very expensive when not having experimented them first hand. You also have access to hearing different cases involving permits, government organizations and start-up funding ideas.


Live classes leave you sharp, up-to-date and competitive. You will learn with an expert instructor using the best put-together testing system, even if you decide to remain with our silver subscription, a Gold Buying Course class is the best way to learn and apply it on your job immediately.


Gold Buying Classes around the World

We offer courses in both English and Spanish. The Gold Buying Course is located in Miami, FL. Seminars are usually held around the Arch Center District on one of the surrounding towers. We will travel to you, just inquire within. We offer year-round classes to accommodate your busy schedules. The best thing is that you can schedule your seminar at your convenience, we host and travel to you.

If you need us to come to you we will. We will travel within the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, some European Countries and Israel. We will also come to Mexico.

To enroll, please check our calendar and availability.