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Frequently asked Questions about our Products and Services

What is a Gold Buying Party?

Gold buying parties are usually (but not always) hosted by ladies in their homes, offices, events, etc. The purpose of a gold buying party is to invite a group of people, ideally who enjoy each other’s company, have them bring all of their broken and unwanted jewelry or any item made of precious metal, such as gold, silver and platinum.

In a separate section, a professional gold buyer is appraising the pieces and makes a cash offer to the guest. Usually the host makes a commission previously discussed and it is usually a percentage of the items purchased.
Everybody has fun, it’s is really a win – win situation, people have a good time, socialize, make money and get read of their clutter. There are many different ways to have a successful Gold Buying Parties; close friends and family, office co-workers, schools, churches, support groups. It is a fantastic way to raise funds and generate wealth for philanthropic purposes.

Why host a party with Gold Buying Training?

We have experience in this field. We have thrown over 60 successful gold buying parties where everyone has a good time; we know how to be discrete, even in a crowd. We pay high and fair prices for different items.

We provide you with a follow-up list for a successful event, from inviting gests, following up with them, find out basic information about them, confirming their assistance, and explain to them what to bring to the gold-buying party and so on…

What are some examples of items to sell?

If you use it, you love it or it makes you money then don’t get read of it. Sell whatever pieces have sitting in a drawer, an earring with a lost or broken pair, broken chains, all that jewelry that your ex gave you, including wedding bands and engagement rings.

Will I have to buy something at the party?

You are absolutely not obligated to purchase anything in a traditional gold buying party. However, if your party was organized by a third company or charity, we do suggest you contribute to your host’s cause and or product.

Can I earn money at a Gold Buying Party?

We have a payout for referral policy. When you organize a gold buying party you get a percentage of the profit, which is determined by averaging the amount of money spent at the party, the number of people and the percentage paid.

What if I don’t have time to attend or host a Gold Buying party?

There is no problem, we can accommodate to your needs, come to you, receive you when it is convenient for you and even meet with your referrals without you having to be present while still receiving your pay.

How much does Gold Buying Training pay for gold?

The price of gold fluctuates all day; Gold Buying Training pays a very fair market price depending on the spot price of the moment.

Are you able to handle large groups?

We have experience and usually handle large groups with a group of specialists and a successful implemented system which gives great results.

What makes Gold Buying Training different?

We are first of all jewelry manufacturers for the last 60 years, manufacturing high end, precious metal, jewelry, we create our own gold alloys. We also provide consulting for other gold buyers and offer training programs in order to create new and independent professionals in the gold buying industry. We have simply been doing it longer, better and we Share our knowledge.

What are the benefits of scheduling a 1 on 1 transaction?

The benefits of scheduling a 1 on 1 transaction are that all the service is unique and personalized, done discretely and securely in the comfort or wherever you choose.

Can I make money by referring Gold Buying Training clients?

We have a payout for referral policy. When you organize a gold buying party you get a percentage of the profit, which is determined by averaging the amount of money spent at the party, the number of people and the percentage paid.

What does Gold Buying Training do for companies?

The services that we provide to small and medium size companies vary. From employee training and support to serving as a subcontractor, training and updating personnel, handling individual transactions providing customized customer service to employees, tellers and CSRs. We also offer daily price tables to the employees with profit projections for management. Currently our clients consist of pawn shops, check cashing stores and jewelry retail stores.

We provide all of our manuals to the Company and train the employees. With our state of the art how-to-videos and manuals, the employees have all the necessary tools perform in a competent way.  We also help, and in some cases, get, all the permits necessary in order to comply with all of the government institutions involved in the trade. The profits and therefore the price to pay is determined by management with the our advise in order to obtain the highest profit while maintaining ethical standards and customer satisfaction.

If you have an existing business or plan on opening one and want to offer the service of precious metal purchasing please contact us.


Where can I get the instruments needed to complete the Gold buying course?

Please visit our Tools and Equipment section for a great selection of products. Please remember that unfortunately we only ship to: USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, the Netherland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, Israel, Australia, New Zeeland, Japan and South Korea.