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The Best way to Buy Gold

A great way to earn money while having fun with people you like


Earn cash for hosting a Gold Party

host-met-party-grow-business-network-gold-party-business-opportunity-earn-cash-easy-fast-job-part-time-extra-income-profitIf you are looking for an easy way to make money, earn extra cash and have fun in the process, schedule and host a Gold Party. Our hosts can make around $1,536.75 for two hours of fun and party. Please Contact Us to see availability.

Why host a Gold Party with the Gold Buying Training?

–        You make money! Our host gets approximately $10% of everything purchased.

–        Your guests earn money! It truly is a win-win situation where everybody makes money while having a good time and leave with either cash or a check.

–        We guide you through the planning process. We have all the necessary experience with these events;

  • Guarantee your guests will receive the highest payouts.
  • We help you with design templates for invitations, printed and/or vie email

Our gold parties in private homes last about two hours usually. Through the party our expert and friendly appraiser will test each customer’s gold, silver and platinum and pay everyone on the spot. At the end of the evening you will be paid your percentage of everything purchased with no layout time.

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