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The Best way to Buy Gold

What is a Gold Buying Party?

party-button-how-buy-gold-image-silver-platinum-course-party-ladies-tools-equipmentGold buying parties are usually (but not always) hosted by ladies in their homes, offices, events, etc. The purpose of a gold buying party is to invite a group of people, ideally who enjoy each other’s company, have them bring all of their broken and unwanted jewelry or any item made of precious metal, such as gold, silver and platinum.

In a separate section, a professional gold buyer is appraising the pieces and makes a cash offer to the guest. Usually the host makes a commission previously discussed and it is usually a percentage of the items purchased.

Everybody has fun, it’s is really a win – win situation, people have a good time, socialize, make money and get read of their clutter. There are many different ways to have a successful Gold Buying Parties; close friends and family, office co-workers, schools, churches, support groups. It is a fantastic way to raise funds and generate wealth for philanthropic purposes.

A great way to generate wealth is to through a couple of gold buying parties with very trusted people such as close family and friends. Collect their gold, silver, platinum and diamonds, cut checks for the actual amounts and ask them to hold on to the check, hence the emphasis on close friend and family. Sell the precious metal to the refiner, clear funds in your account and advise everybody to please deposit or cash their checks. That is a great way to start generating wealth with practically no investment of your behalf.

Partnering with another recruiting business is also a very good idea. For example, Avon or Mary Kay Sales Representatives are individual contractors, whose success depends on two aspects, selling their products and recruiting more sales force. Since their job is to already organize their presentations and invite groups of women to participate, it is the ideal opportunity to partner with them, help their business and have them help you by adding to their sales script; – and there will also be a professional gold buyer there to appraise your pieces and make you a cash offer.

You can add value to your partnership by offering your Sales Representative the fact that if they ask their guests if they would bring their unwanted gold, silver and platinum to the Cosmetics Presentation, not only will you cut them with a commission but also you can offer her the opportunity of guest getting money and spending it on product. You can also figure out ahead, some kind of promotion where if they sell their gold they will get discounts in their favorite products and can exchange them for unwanted gold and you just pay directly to the Representative for the Product.

The possibilities are endless; there are gold-buying companies that tour America while making money. They plan and farm a region, schedule hotels and convention venues; they buy add-space (underwriting) and hold a series of gold-buying parties in different towns.



How Gold Parties Help People while other Gold Parties Rip People Off