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The Best way to Buy Gold

Tools and Equipment for testing precious metals and diamonds

In order to test for precious metal, you need Tools.

The Basic kit to test gold consists of the following items: 10X loupe, a powerful magnet, a good testing stone, a set of testing solutions, a triangular file and a jewelry scale.

In addition to those basic elements it is recommended to bring a testing needle, a white, plastic chopping board, white paper towels, latex gloves, jewelry pliers, an electronic diamond tester, a gauge, an electronic diamond tester, baking soda a good corrosive eraser and different size jewelry plastic bags.

It is also recommended to carry a special white light lamp, just in case the illumination is not proper or insufficient.
There are other electronic devices and testing methods to test for gold and other Precious Metals that, when done more professionally, could be obtained.

We recommend contacting proper authorities to be advised on how to dispose of corrosive acids such as nitric acid and hydrochloric acid.

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